Ex-professional dancer, PT and pilates geek, Charlotte delivers spicy workouts to suit all levels and abilities! She loves the straps because they are just like having a dance partner- they support you enough to get you moving, but use them too much and you are flat on your face! Charlotte has been working for TRX since 2019, delivering the STC courses all over London. She began her journey on the straps around 8 years ago, amazed at the versatility of the equipment. She began to teach Suspension Training with coaches Jay Brockway and Niko Algieri in a Notting Hill Studio and couldn't get enough! She programmed dynamic classes with the precision of dance technique combined with the science of strength training, to push her clients to reach their full potential. Since then, she has worked 1-2-1 with clients on injury rehab, strength and conditioning and skill acquisition. Charlotte also uses the straps with her budding ballerinas, to enhance dance technique and to encourage dancers to focus on strength training and not just throwing their legs around their head! Her favourite move is a TRX Pike split! All the shoulder, core and butt burn in one!

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