Krystal is an adventure seeking power yogi who’s wanderlust, advocacy for total wellness and passion for teaching inspired her 15+ years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry as an international educator. She has been part of the TRX Educational Team since 2011, educating others how to move and feel better through the TRX methodology. Krystal’s degree in exercise science lead her to becoming a lifelong student of health and movement. She has since expanded her repertoire in becoming a certified health coach and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Her love of both TRX and power yoga lead her to working on the development of TRX For Yoga, a program that is swiftly finding it’s way into the fitness and mind-body industry as a brand new way to move! Today, Krystal is the co-owner SWEAT Power Yoga in Western, MA where TRX For Yoga to life on their weekly class schedule. She believes that TRX Yoga creates the ultimate opportunity for people to move well as a vehicle to enhance life and is what fuels her drive in this industry every single day.

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