California native, Zack grew up in the central valley in the city of Ceres before making his way to San Francisco and becoming a TRX instructor. Growing up as a 'fat kid', Zack discovered sports and weight lifting in junior high where he shed the weight and his passion for movement, sports, and fitness began. After discovering and learning more about Kinesiology from his high school anatomy and physiology teacher, he enrolled at San Francisco State to study in the subject, focusing on fitness and health, along with competing on the wrestling team and ultimate frisbee club team. After receiving multiple personal training certifications from NASM and TRX, he began training clients and teaching TRX classes at a local gym, before becoming a TRX training center coach. During his career as a trainer Zack has always focused on helping all of his clients and students be the best version of themselves that they can be in and outside of the gym. Besides teaching classes at the TTC, Zack is an independent trainer and holistic lifestyle coach at a local studio in the city, along with conducting outdoor and office group training. When Zack is not foam rolling, teaching TRX or swinging kettle bells, he is in GG park playing frisbee golf, watching bay area sports teams, traveling, eating at ALL the great restaurants in the city, and in the kitchen cooking to create delicious and nutritious meals!

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