Niko Algieri is one of the UK’s leading fitness professionals, celebrity trainer, writer, content creator and co-founder of Equilibrium Total Balance. Known for sculpting the bodies of professional athletes, celebrities, royalty and titans of industry, Niko’s name is synonymous with precision, form and technique making him one of the most trusted professionals in the industry and being dubbed the ‘Master of Movement’. From the first time he touched the TRX his career went from strength to strength. Niko’s passion for fitness runs through his blood. His father was Mr Wales and second in world body building both 30 and 3 years ago, he also is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Karate. His stepfather is a x4 world kick boxing champion and amateur boxing coach and his Mum, still to this day, teaches group fitness classes x5 days a week. From a young age Niko has always excelled in sport. As a teenager Niko was a high achieving athletics athlete and was Welsh Champion for high jump, hurdles and pentathlon from age of 12 – 16 years. He studied journalism, film and broadcasting at Cardiff University. After making the life changing decision to leave his corporate job in media behind, Niko set out to pursue his true passion in health and fitness. After 12 years of perfecting his craft, ensuring he is at the forefront of the latest knowledge, trends and research, Niko is now the go-to health and fitness professional. Niko’s core philosophy and focus has always been to make fitness accessible to all and training individuals to be strong and feel empowered - both physically and mentally. With total commitment to this philosophy, Niko founded Equilibrium with his brother, Jay Brockway. Alongside his work in fitness Niko is also a mental health advocate and a leading content creator for the fitness and wellness industry. Creating show stopping content (video, film and images) for many of the UK’s most sought after and respected influencers. Niko helps brands and individuals to create a wide range of superb quality content to engage their fans, grow their following and showcase brand strengths and USP’s. Niko also writes for GQ and Harpers Bazaar in the Middle East and other UK based fitness and wellness titles. Niko has been featured in GQ, Harpers Bazaar, The Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Independent and most major health and fitness titles and online sites.

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